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Part of being a revolutionary is creating a vision. that is more humane. That is more fun, too. That is more loving. It’s really working to create something. Beautiful.
-Assata Shakur

The Founder

Ayan Said BSc, PGCE, MA, PgC

Ayan is a scientist, educator, and social entrepreneur, deeply versed in ESG measurements, B-Corp principles, and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Her personal and professional experiences as an intersectional systems thinker provide her with expertise that spans a diverse array of fields, from scientific research to community development and corporate leadership. Ayan is part of a variety of bodies including Royal Society of Arts, UN Women, One Young World, Women In Mining UK and many more. Her achievements include a variety of collaborations with governments, Fortune 500 companies and international organisations such as the United Nations and is a distinguished speaker at the United Nations General Assembly, the African Union as well as being the inaugural speaker at the UNESCO Transforming Education Summit in Paris.

voicing voices collective

Ayan’s committed to both public and private sectors by systemically advancing peace, prosperity, and purpose in her work focused on inclusivity, innovation, and sustainable progress. 

At Voicing Voices, our mission is rooted in the principles of intersectionality, focusing on elevating organisational efficiency and alignment, while fully recognising and valuing individual diversity. Our specialised team, adept in sustainability and inclusivity, is committed to a distinct methodology that encourages collaboration with a broad spectrum of stakeholders and leaders. We focus on implementing transformative strategies that champion equity and empathy, striving for a world that embraces and includes all. Our commitment extends to delivering tailored consultancy that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of our clients, fostering environments where diversity is celebrated and leveraged for success.

Our Four Level Framework


We begin on a personal level. We offer human-centred self-awareness and growth. Through understanding their own identities and experiences, individuals become empowered to contribute positively to their communities and workplaces.


We extend our focus to communities and cultural contexts by facilitating dialogues, trainings, and informative events. we nurture a sense of belonging and understanding among different groups, which activates the groundwork for systemic change.


At the systemic level, we work with organisations to develop strategies that embed intersectional principles into their operations. This includes redefining organisational structures, improving processes, and ensuring equitable opportunities for all.


Sustainability requires accountability. We collaborate with policymakers and stakeholders to embed laws and guidelines that uphold fairness and inclusivity, ensuring that intersectional values are enshrined at the highest levels.
Our Impact So Far
Our clients say
I didn't think I was going to participate and just wanted to listen in but suddenly I had much to share due to how safe and open the space felt.
Workshop Participant
I highly recommend any leader seeking change to connect with Voicing Voices and their unique framework that allows us to be human and progressive.
Sustainability Officer
I've seen Ayan's work online but her energy on stage was felt by every person in the room. We look forward to inviting her back to our company again.

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