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It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences.
-Audre Lorde

Our Guiding Principles


The core concept of our multilevel framework - used to consider the interconnections of various diversities and social identities, such as race, gender, religion, class, and disability, and how they interact to shape experiences and opportunities.


We bridge generational divides by valuing and integrating diverse perspectives. We combine the wisdom of experience with the innovation of youth to craft robust and adaptable strategies, addressing present and future challenges


We go beyond raising awareness and co-implement actions that resonate across communities and sectors. Our aim is to leave a lasting, positive impact on every project, ensuring that the changes we bring about are deeply ingrained.


Driving societal transformation, Voicing Voices aims to embed the principles of intersectionality into education, capacity building, and sustainability efforts. We define intersectionality as the recognition and understanding of how different aspects of identity intersect and create unique experiences. Our approach involves creating educational opportunities that foster a deep-rooted understanding of these interconnected social dynamics in all aspects of operations, culture, and policymaking.

We are committed to tangible action towards an equitable future for all.


Our vision is a world where intersectionality and access is not an afterthought but rather woven into the foundational principle of societal and organisational structures. We envision a world where equity is the norm, and diversity is celebrated as the source of our collective strength.


Our values are the bedrock of Voicing Voices


We foster a deep understanding of diverse perspectives and experiences, ensuring empathy guides our approach to consultancy and dedication to advocacy.


We believe in partnerships and collective action. Our approach is built on co-creating solutions with our clients, recognising that diverse thought leadership can humanise our systems.


It is essential for us to hold safe spaces for open and honest dialogue that enables us to deliver tailored solutions. Through this, we address the unique intersectional challenges our clients face.

Embrace An Ever-Evolving World

Our inquisitive, informative and action orientated approach to humanising systems, is designed to excite, empower and upskill you to create and implement long-term, systemic change tailored to your needs.

Our clients say
Voicing Voices gave us the opportunity to understand ourselves and our colleagues lived experiences in a variety of ways. As a leader, I feel more aware of how to support my team.
HR Executive
I didn't know how I could make a difference as a young person that has become use to being left out. This workshop has empowered me to be an active participant of my countries national vision.
This is the second time we have invited Voicing Voices to work with us on some of our key projects and we are pleased with the skills and experience Ayan provided for our strategy plan.
Chief Executive Officer

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