The better we understand how identities and power work together from one context to another, the less likely our movements for change are to fracture.
-Kimberly Crenshaw

We will work closely with you to identify specific needs and solutions tailored to your organisation. If you are keen to deep dive and explore further, we also provide customised services.
Our Consultancy Services

Education & Capacity Building:

We offer workshops & speaking engagements on a variety of topics to raise awareness and capacity for how we can collectively humanise our systems for societal, environmental and economic progress

Strategy & Development:

Our strategic implementation support ensures that your intersectional strategies and policies are effectively actualised, translating visionary ideas into concrete, impactful organisational practices. We provide systemic tools tools to ensure lasting impact

Impact & Policy Formulation:

Integrating our monitoring, evaluation, and policy frameworks enhances operational efficiency, ensuring informed decisions that directly contribute to sustainable and inclusive organisational growth



Our analysis focuses on examining the intricate network of relationships and interactions among diverse identities, cultures, and stakeholders. The goal is to uncover and tackle the fundamental reasons behind existing obstacles or areas of difficulty, ensuring a more inclusive and effective design process.

Human Centred Design

Applying human-centred design and leadership offers a significant advantage by prioritising the needs and perspectives of all stakeholders in the co-design process. This method ensures that the systems and solutions we develop are not only innovative and efficient but also deeply resonant and relevant to the people they are intended to serve.

Co-Creation & Collaboration

We promote a sense of shared ownership and innate commitment from service users. By working closely with clients and stakeholders, we ensure the collective wisdom and input of all involved parties, leading to more innovative and comprehensive outcomes.

Data-Driven Analysis

Utilising data enhances the accuracy and relevance of our work, allowing us to identify trends, patterns, and underlying issues that might not be immediately apparent. Equipping our clients to make more informed decisions, tailored and specific to their interventions and impact.

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